Our Story

The narrative of xVESSEL began in 2017, marked by a fusion of deconstructionism with iconic design elements. It stands as a brand committed to delivering the forefront of fashion perspectives for enthusiasts.

The 'x' within the xVESSEL name conveys a daring and assured sense of exploration, while 'VESSEL' embodies the concept of a "ship" and also resonates with the notion of a "blood vessel." This dual symbolism portrays the brand as a courageous vessel venturing into uncharted territories and as the life force coursing through individuals' experiences.


xVESSEL proudly upholds a time-honored vulcanization process that spans over a century, meticulously hand-gluing each pair. The incorporation of cork padding within the midsole represents a splendid fusion between ancient handcrafted leather footwear and the vulcanization method. Inspired by the artisanal mastery of palace shoes from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, this technique notably amplified the comfort of footwear during that era.

xVESSEL introduced the world's inaugural cork vulcanized shoe, seamlessly amalgamating vintage aesthetics with avant-garde trends. Initiated from deconstructionism, the design artfully evades any vulgar elements, preserving classical aesthetics while embodying the brand's profound contemplation of the future. This craftsmanship gracefully integrates into contemporary footwear, displaying the sagacity and innovation of shoemakers. Each pair crafted by xVESSEL is infused with vibrant vitality, conveying this dynamism directly to the hearts of every discerning consumer.

Revitalizing Tradition

Since its establishment, xVESSEL has fostered collaborations and initiated various projects with influential brands and iconic figures such as Benz, Yohji Yamamoto, G-Shock, and Readymade. These endeavors inject innovative design concepts into traditional practices, breathing new life into established traditions.