How do I cancel/modify an order?

  • Once the order is successfully placed on the xVESSEL official website, the recipient's information can not be modified. Also, our goal is to get your order shipped as quickly as possible.
  • Therefore, if you want to cancel the order before it is shipped, please send an email to support@xvessel.co to apply for cancellation.
  • It should be noted that cancellation of the order is not supported after the order has been shipped.

How will I be notified that an item is back in stock? 

  • You can subscribe to our email list to be notified by email when we restock for the first time. The subscribe button is located at the bottom of our official website. Or you can follow us @xvessel_info on Instagram for more info.

How to take care of my shoes?

  • Please clean and maintain according to different materials and crafts.
  • We recommend using a clean, soft white damp cotton cloth or a soft brush to wipe the upper. Never scrub with a brush, soak in water or wash in a washing machine. This can cause damage or color mixing to the shoe, and may cause the sole to come off.

Can I exchange an item if it is unsuitable?

  • Items cannot be exchanged but can be returned.
  • If the product is returned as an xVESSEL return product and is eligible for a refund, you will receive a full refund and you can select to reorder the appropriate item.

There seems to be a fault with my product?

  • Due to different manufacturing processes, there may be glue overflow, natural wrinkles, thread ends, non-complete symmetry and other phenomena that do not affect the normal wearing function, which is a normal phenomenon. This is the normal production process after vulcanization, and it is not a quality problem.

I want to repair my shoes, what should I do?

  • We will provide repair services for shoes purchased at https://www.xvessel.co/.
  • If necessary, you can send an email to support@xvessel.co to apply for access to the maintenance program.