Born in 2017, xVESSEL is a brand that fuses deconstructionism with iconic design elements and is dedicated to presenting the most pioneering perspective for fashionistas.
Since its inception, xVESSEL has established a matrix of official release channels covering all mainstream platforms in the Asian market and collaboration with brands and epochal figures such as Benz, Yohji Yamamoto, G-Shock, Readymade, etc.
Our rich product line of shoes, apparel, and home furnishings has decorated the lives of millions of consumers.
xVESSEL is the leading new school street-wear brand, dominating the Asian market, especially in footwear, accumulating over $250 Million in revenue.


The x in the prefix of xVESSEL represents bold and confident adventurousness, and VESSEL is both "ship" and also contains the derivative meaning of "blood vessel", representing the brand is like a ship that sails into the unknown fearlessly, and also like the blood that flows in people's lives. xVESSEL was born with the intention of delivering all the beauties to all people through a single piece full of artistry and craftsmanship.

Our Mission

xVESSEL created the world's first cork vulcanized shoe, which is an organic fusion of vintage aesthetics and pioneering trends.
Its design starts from deconstructionism, skillfully avoiding all lines of vulgarity and sealing the classical aesthetics while containing the brand's abundant thinking about the future. The shoes inherit a vulcanization process that dates back more than 100 years, and each pair is meticulously glued together by hand. The cork padding in the midsole is a beautiful encounter between the ancient handcrafted leather shoes and the vulcanization process, inspired by the 17th and 18th-century imperial leather shoe process, which greatly enhanced the comfort of leather shoes at that time. xVESSEL has perfectly integrated this craft into modern footwear, showing the wisdom and ingenuity of shoemakers. xVESSEL's shoemakers give each pair of shoes a vivid vitality with a rigorous shoe-making attitude and full of passion, and pass this vitality to every consumer's heart.

Brand Value

xVESSEL not only adheres to the ultimate pursuit of details and unremitting insistence on handcrafting to provide consumers with the best experience, but also aspires to break the shackles and build a unique trendy cultural system in the torrent of the times.