Celebrating Felix the Cat's 105th Anniversary: xVESSEL Unveils Exclusive Collection

May 4th, 2024 - In commemoration of the 105th anniversary of the iconic comic persona Felix the Cat, xVESSEL launched an exciting new exclusively collaborated collection with Dreamwork Animation, and artist Ron English, in Beijing. The event also featured special signings by Vanness Wu and Ron English, who shared insights into the inspiration and concepts behind the new collection.

xVESSEL's signature contemporary flair intertwines seamlessly with Felix the Cat's nostalgic charm and Ron English's irreverent reinterpretation, bringing a new collection with shoes, T-shirts, and shorts.

The new collection epitomes with the shoe-piece xVESSEL Nougat Felix the Cat, which infused with the brand’s iconic "peace by piece" elements and retweets based on a xVESSEL Nougat silhouette. The new shoe has encapsulated Ron English's unique spin on classic animation personas, transporting wearers into the realm of a comic nostalgia.

xVESSEL's growing popularity among fashion enthusiasts and aficionados in China was evident as attendees flocked to partake in this fashion extravaganza. The event served as a platform for the convergence of diverse inspirations, showcasing the multifaceted allure of the xVESSEL brand. Legendary musician DJ QBERT further elevated the celebratory atmosphere with an electrifying DJ performance, culminating in a spirited tribute to Felix the Cat's enduring legacy on his 105th birthday.

For enthusiasts eager to get their hands on these exclusive products, they will be available on the official website as soon as possible. Stay tuned for updates and be among the first to experience the fusion of trend and retro aesthetics brought to life by xVESSEL.